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Social media holds a very powerful position today. It is extremely important to know how to manage pages and accounts on social media, which strategies to use, and how to handle product/service promotion and marketing in the most effective way. Our social media team helps you take the right and strategic steps for your brand.


In the digital age, you can use social media to seize unique opportunities for your business. Through social platforms, your business can directly interact with your target audience while benefiting from the many advantages of your newly designed brand social media networks. When you manage your business’s social media accounts correctly, you ensure that your target audience finds you first in searches related to your service categories, project a reputable brand image, engage directly with your audience in a solution-focused manner, and create a brand image that aligns with the innovative age. The LLC Ajans’s social media management team handles all this for you by creating, publishing, and analyzing content related to your products to establish your business’s online presence on social media networks.

Why is Social Media Management Necessary for Your Business?

Social media management is essential for businesses because social media offers numerous advantages. For instance, cost is very important for businesses, and social media provides a cost-effective solution. Regardless of the size of your marketing budget, when your business is on social networks, you can share as much content as you want about a newly launched product or your business, respond to users’ comments about the product, and do much more. All of this is free. Considering all these factors, social media offers a profitable channel for promoting your business, reaching your target audience, and building an online follower base. For a business, the best way to introduce a newly launched product to a target audience around the world is to use social media. From Instagram to YouTube, Twitter to LinkedIn, social media networks allow you to easily reach your target audience, no matter where they are in the world. If your product’s target audience is a specific niche, Pinterest is the most suitable social network for your business. Therefore, social media management is a necessity for your business.

Is Adding Social Media to Your Marketing Strategy a Good Idea?

Of course, it’s a great idea. When you add social media to your marketing strategy, user behaviors and your strategy will complement each other. Did you know that 74% of people use social media as a reference when deciding to purchase a product or service? Another fact about users is that 80% of them buy products/services based on recommendations they receive through social media. Businesses that promote their newly launched products through social media marketing and advertising agree that these platforms show positive performance. The best part about social networks is that they are a platform where you can build your brand, gain potential customers, and even multiply your sales. For example, Green Forest Holiday Village, managed by LLC Ajans’s social media team, is a happy business with its new visitors.

On Which Platforms Can You Manage Social Media?

When explaining what social media management is, it’s also important to clarify on which social media platforms it should be done. It is quite clear that social networks provide significant value to businesses in the digital age. If you want to leverage your resources and time on social networks as a business, you first need to learn which platforms are suitable for your business. The most common social platforms your business can be on include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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