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With our professional production team; We support you to promote your brand with our production services such as Promotional Film, Advertising Film, 2D – 3D Animation, infographic and Aerial Drone Shooting. We deliver your company to a wide audience with our impressive visual products.


Creative Shoe Ad
Signature Clothing
Green Forest Holiday Village
Aerial Drone Shooting I Vodafone Red
Gloria Jeans Social Media Movie
Social Media Video I Gloria Jeans
2D Animation I Richmond Hotels
Presentation Movie
Türk Kızılay’ı I Desktop Advertising Video
Istanbul Drone Shooting
Akfix Factory Promotion Movie
3D Animated Movie I Home Design
2D Animated Movie I
Aerial Drone Shooting I 4K
Social Media Video I Ministry of Health
Aerial Drone Video
Presentation Movie I İSTAÇ Kent Temizliği
Social Media Video I Dent Beauty
Presentation Movie I AKKİM
3D Animation Movie I Dent Beauty
Lens Optik Advertising Movie
2D Animation
Social Media Movie I İSTAÇ
Aerial Drone Shooting I Tüyap
Advertising Video I Egepen Deceuninck
2D Animation Video I Sigortolog
Who is Turgut Özal?
2D Animation I TripAdvisor
TV Band Advertising I Reis Gıda
Presentation Movie I Poligon Arena
Desktop Advertising Video
2D Animation I Socia Media
Presentation Movie I Royal Stay Palace Hotel
Social Media I Akrida Okulları
Social Media I Sağlık Bakanlığı 112
3D Animation Movie
Presentation Movie I Yılgenci
2D Presentation Movie I Vektör Güvenlik
Advertising Video I Poligon Arena
TV Tape Advertisement I Reis Food
Whiteboard Advertising I Doruk Occupational Health
Promotional Movie I ISTAC Sea Cleanup
Promotional Movie I İSBAK
Documentary I Dark World
Social Media I ARK Makina Promotion
SYF İnşaat - Promotional Movie
3D Animation Promotional Movie
Tv Band Advertising I Ege Generator
Promotional Video I Esenyurt Municipality
Presentation Movie I iSTAÇ
Documentary I Netherlands Ntr Tv
Social Media Video I Ministry of Health
Documentary I Al Jazeera TV
TV Band Advertising / Can Nuts
TV Band Advertising / Elyrad
3D Animation Movie I Sürat Cargo
TV Tape Commercial I Empa Un
Advertisement Movie
3D Animation Movie I Piri Reis
Desktop Advertising Video
TV Band Advertising I Karra Kapı
Presentation Movie I Çatalca
3D Animation Movie I TV Generic
3D Animation Movie I Çelik Kartal
3D Animation Movie I Ali Can
3D Animation Movie I Karakulak
Desktop TV Commercial I İsra Turizm
Advertisement Movie I Alila Termal Hotel
Presentation Movie I Alila Termal Hotel
Advertisement Movie
Aerial Drone Shooting
En Özel Şarkım I 2D Animated Movie
Battalzade I Desktop Advertising Video
Advertisement Movie I Zirve Yayınları


Even though we hear the word production many times throughout our daily lives and even use it in sentences, we do not know exactly what it means. So, what is this production?

The meaning of the word production is based on the English word “Production”. The Turkish meaning of the word production is production. It is generally used for media production works such as movies and music. For example, if a movie is going to be shot, the process from script writing to casting selection, from shooting the script scene by scene to vocalization and distribution to movie theaters is called the production of the movie.

Production can belong to an album or a movie. The video clips you often watch on music channels are also the result of a production.

How Does the Production Process Start?

Having a need for your organization or personally causes the production process to begin. “How can this be a need?” we seem to hear you ask. You may need to introduce yourself personally or your organization may need promotion. For example, as a politician, you may prepare a movie introducing yourself to your voters. As an organization, you may need to promote a new product you have just released to the market. If you have an idea for promotion, you can mature this idea together with LLC Agency. Now that the idea is ready, it is time to do what needs to be done before production.

What Should Be Done Before Production?

Now that the idea is ready, it’s time for pre-production. This stage is called pre-production. The most important issue in pre-production is budget! For example, you want to promote your company’s new wet wetsuit on a submarine. The idea is great, but there are questions to ask. Can you rent a studio? Do you need a diving commercial actor … If the budget is insufficient, LLC Agency determines how you can realize this idea in a more reasonable way. Then, after determining how you can shoot the production in the clearest way, storyboard and moodboard are prepared. An animation is made about how the prepared movie will look like. After the animation of the movie is made, the shooting of the movie starts after determining where and how many days to shoot and the equipment that will be needed.

Production Time!

The most exciting part of the job starts at this stage. The director says “action” and starts shooting. If the shooting will take place outside or in the studio on the specified days, the scenes determined according to a certain plan with the necessary equipment are shot one by one and the videos are kept for editing.


In the post-production phase, the raw videos obtained by the shooting team are processed. If voiceover is required in raw videos, sound recordings are taken. If animation is to be added, it is added at the post-production stage. After these works, just like in the Fatih Drilling Ship promotional film shot by LLC Agency, the montage team brings the promotional film together with various video montage programs.